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Asset Tracking System

Fixed Asset Tracking allows corporations to get a handle on the company assets and to control their movements and transactions across the entire enterprise. With the influx of information technology and related infrastructure, the location of a company’s asset and the record of its custodian have become most critical.

Companies have realized that with eroding margins and shrinking profitability, utmost care should be taken in all aspects of the business. Therefore the need has arisen to track your assets carefully and make the assets work for you.

The days are gone when one could manually maintain an asset register or could use spreadsheets to project some sort of order in the system. The pace of expansion and the rapidly growing geographical spread of organization render both the above methods ineffective. What your business needs is an integrated, automated, real-time tracking system that can record the procurement, movement, maintenance and ultimate disposal of each asset.

SMART or Scan Manager for Asset Record and Track

SMART or Scan Manager for Asset Record and Track is a highly integrated and automated systemthat works as a one-stop answer for all your Fixed Asset Tracking needs. It tracks the assets in your organizations throughout their life cycle, starting right from procurement till it’s finally disposed. This holistic approach makes SMART the ideal choice for an enterprise-wide business solution.

  • Integrated Asset Master with Asset Category, Purchase Reference, Depreciation Classification, Disposal data, etc.
  • Use of Bar Codes for Unique Identification of Assets
  • Ultra-destructible Tamper-evident Asset ID Labels
  • Detailed multi-level location mapping
  • Automated Tracking of Asset Movement
  • 100% accurate asset verification through portable data capture devices
  • Link with Email messaging system for sending email alerts to functionaries on the occurrence of specific events

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