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Supply Chain Management

With growing customer demands and shrinking profit margins, there's simply no room for a sluggish supply chain. That's where mobile and wireless technologies are making a difference. From the production line to the checkout line, from the warehouse to the delivery truck, mobile solutions are replacing old-fashioned manual processes.

Mobility eliminates wasted time hidden in your business processes - time that slows your entire chain of operations. Without mobility, paper-driven processes require time to handwrite data and time to enter that information into the computer. And this 'double touch' of business data leads to an inefficient use of time, high labour costs and a biggerchance for error.

Through mobility, computing power is moved from a stationery desktop computer to a mobile computer- so the tools workers need to automate business processes are always in hand. Workers can now access and capture data in real time - right at the point of work.

DCMS or Distribution chain mobility solutions

Through distribution chain mobility solutions (DCMS), we put wireless computers into the hands of your workforce, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone paper processes. This in turn, increases accuracy, raises productivity, and improves collaboration up and down the supply chain.DCMS is highly integrated at the same time it is modular in its implementation. This makes it very flexible and it can be readily configured for diverse businesses.

Scan Infotech is your trusted go-to partner for mobility solutions that have a lower Total Cost of Ownership and an increased Return on Investment. With tight integration of mobile computers, wireless infrastructure and your back end business application, we help you increase efficiency, effortlessly.

  • Real-time data collection eliminates paper receiving process, greatly reducing human errors
  • Instantaneous identification using bar codes or RFID labels/tags
  • Electronic put-away orders are delivered right to the mobile device, including the exact location for put-away as well as most efficient route to that location
  • A quick scan of the bar code on the shelf tag ensures the item is put in the correct place & provides a record of the location of that exact receipt
  • Real-time, automatic delivery of electronic picking orders to a mobile device
  • Single point for purchase for all requested material from the chain of stores
  • Track of proper material dispatch and on-the-field data capture and validation at the store back-end itself
  • Real-time update of delivery done and confirmation of stock transfers
  • It provides a real- time insight of the stock available in the ware house
  • Helps to understand discrepancy between actual stock and book stock
  • A mobilized system enables enterprises to efficiently determine who is doing what and how long it takes by providing the granular data required for an accurate comparison of productivity metrics
  • Automatically monitor, track and analyse the time each employee spends on each task - and push the results to the manager's own mobile device
  • Track individual worker performance against those metrics

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