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Physical Inventory Solution

Today's organized retailers operate a chain on retail outlets across the territory of operation, in various formats like Convenience Stores, Supermarkets and Hypermarkets. The chains are well spread out with stores covering large urban and suburban areas. The larger the spread, greater is the distribution of inventory across the organization.

It is always desirable for these enterprises to carry out physical stock take exercises for all the Retails Outlets and Distribution Centres, so that stock visibility is 100% and also reconciliation can be done regularly. This prevents pilferage and stock irregularities. The exercise is currently done meticulously, but is entirely manual. Therefore, the time taken is too long and the loss of business is very substantial, since the store remains closed for business till them. Further, the manual data consolidation takes too long and is very error prone.


SCAN specialises in providing Mobile Computing based business improvement solutions for such retail environments through QUEST. By using bar-coding to uniquely identify each item without any errors, we ensure real-time data availability and transfer to the back end system at the store. The integration of mobile computers, wireless networking and application software further helps regulate and control the entire stock process, for operator control, data collection and process monitoring.

  • SKU identification
  • Minimum operator intervention 
  • Rack allocation and control 
  • Time Stamping 
  • SKU Search &Kit identification 
  • Operator identification 
  • Back-end alert for variance 
  • Capture of new SKU   
  • Auto identification of F&V     
  • Portable solution with rapid deployment  

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